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PacketWise Report Portal

 If you have a PacketShaper you should have Report Portal.
What is Report Portal?
PacketWise Report Portal is a FREE reporting interface which supplements the standard Web User Interface (WUI) of Packeteer's PacketShaper. Installing it onto your PacketShaper only takes a few minutes. The fast and intuitive interface is designed with reporting and analysis in mind. Special attention has been taken to ensure it takes as few clicks as possible to get a detailed report of your link or application. The Report Portal is developed with HTML, JavaScript and PacketWise Server-side tags. It is well documented and commented so that is is easy to customize for your environment and needs.

Should you be using Report Portal?
Do you administer a PacketShaper? Do you conduct link or application analysis using a PacketShaper? Are you a Packeteer Partner looking to provide Value Add Services or Interfaces? If you answered yes to any of these questions then the Report Portal is for you. If you are looking to aggregate performance data for many PacketShapers Report Portal is NOT for you. To centrally aggregate performance data for many PacketShapers you want to use Packeteer's Report Center or another NMS.

Why load the Report Portal on your PacketShaper?
It allows you to do your job faster, saves you clicks, is lighter/faster than the standard interface, provides graphical access to more data than the standard interface, is customize-able, provides interfaces for CLI only features and is FREE. Besides it is always cool to be able to roll your own reports and be the hero of the day.

Interested in joining the team?
The Report Portal team is looking for a few individuals from the community to help us improve the product. If you are interested in improving or customizing the Report Portal for your environment we urge you to join our team at Source Forge.

How to install v1.0e of ReportPortal.
  1. Unzip onto your computer.
  2. In binary mode FTP all the files to your PacketWise device's 9.256/BIN directory. Use "mput *.*" from the FTP command prompt and answer yes to upload each file.
  3. To browse to the interface go to http://packetshaper-address/rp.htm, to add a button to the Report tab continue on to step 4.
  4. Telnet into the PacketWise device.
  5. Enter "sys set wuiUserFiles 1" at the CLI. This will enable customization of the WUI.
  6. Change directories to the 9.256/BIN directory by entering "cd bin" at the CLI.
  7. Create the "wui" directory by entering "mkdir wui" at the CLI.
  8. Move rptmenu.htm into the new "wui" directory by entering "mv rptmenu.htm wui" at the CLI. This customized page will now override the existing Report tab's left column menu. The new menu will include a link to the Report Portal's rp.htm page in a new window.
  9. Login to your PacketWise device's WUI.
  10. Click on the Report tab, then click on the "Report Portal" button and it will open a new window that will display the Report Portal.



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